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Time is the true currency of the 21st century

Trasted logistic partner in Ukraine

In the world there are almost 200 countries, hundreds of thousands companies engaged in international economy.

cooperationA reliable partner abroad, fast delivery of services at a competitive price is a normal desire for any company. But for successful business it is not enough to find a real buyer or seller of products. Possibility to arrange delivery quick and inexpensivly is an important component for reputation of any company. We appreciate your time and ready to become a partner in Ukraine.

Simplified declaration of goods, customs clearance, delivery to regions of Ukraine - a service that will allow you to look more attractive in the face of your customers.

If you are engaged in the organization of cargo transportation, an express carrier in your country or just a regular shipper, let's join forces. 'MDK EXPRESS' is open to dialogue and various forms of cooperation.
We are very intresed if your  business activities include Code 53.20 - Other postal and courier activities. This will make our cooperation profitable.
"Say what you do, and do what you say," is a simple truth, the basis of mutual understanding and success. For two years of work, dozens of companies trusted us, to whom 'MDK EXPRESS' provided service in Ukraine. It is more pleasant to move forward together. Join now!