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Time is the true currency of the 21st century

Cargo transportation to Israel from Ukraine

Many of our compatriots periodically need to send personal effects, parcels or documents to relatives, friends, people living abroad. Almost 500 thousand Ukrainians live in Israel, every third Israeli citizen is a former resident of the CIS. The transportation of goods, documents and parcels remains important.

2Transportation of cargoes in this direction to 'MDK Express' has been actively developing since January 2017. We treat with care and attention to each shipment as a beloved child. Similar to the transportation of goods from Turkey, the delivery of goods on the terms 'door-door' is the basic service of 'MDK EXPRESS'.

Time of delivery of personal effects and documents to Israel

Speed and service are our main priorities in work. Air transportation to Israel takes from 7 to 10 days. We understand how time is an important criterion in the organization of transportation, so we deliver as quickly as possible.
You can send parcels, documents, cargo to Israel from any city in Ukraine. The payment for services can be made in Ukraine by the sender or the Israeli recipient upon the arrival. Everything is simple, easy, effective. You'll like it!

To expedite the handling of the shipment, we recommend to limit each piece up to 30 kg. If the cargo is light, but large in size, charge will be calculated according to the volume weight. What is the volume weight and how to calculate it you can find out on the separate page.

If the shipment is valued less then $ 75, does not contain dangerous goods and items prohibited for import into Israel, additional fees to your parcel (consignment) will not be applied. In any circumstances, 'MDK EXPRESS' will provide maximum assistance. We will advise you on the issues that interest you. Free communication is the source of success. Contact us!


Shipments from Israel

Together with a partner in Israel, we transport parcels, cargo and documents from Israel. If you are interested in the organization of import to Ukraine from Israel, we will gladly help you with this.

What you need to know about cargo transportation to Israel

1We carry out air delivery. Delivery time is up to 5 days. Service to the door (or warehouse) is basic.

2The parcel for shipment in Ukraine can be sent by mail to our central warehouse in Pesochin (Kharkiv region).

3The application form (data of the Shipper and the Consignee) is completed online and can be sent to our address by e-mail.

4MDK EXPRESS declares your cargo in Ukraine and Israel.

kg Rate USD/kg

0,5 (docs)

min 52,0
1-1,99 min 30,0
2-2,99 min 30,0
3-3,99 14,0
4-4,99 12,8
5-5,99 11,9
6-6,99 11,3
7-7,99 11,0
8-8,99 10,7
9-9,99 10,3
10-10,99 10,1
11-11,99 9,9
12-12,99 9,7
13-13,99 9,5
14-14,99 9,3
15-15,99 9,1
16-16,99 8,9
17-17,99 8,7
18-18,99 8,5
19-19,99 8,2
>20kg 7,99

- Exchange USD to UAH according rate on kurs.com.ua (selling rate).
- Additional charge for delivery within Israel +15,0$ per shipment.