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International express delivery to Ukraine at low prices

MDK EXPRESS cargo to UkraineHow to choose a company that can quickly and efficiently carry out international express transportation of goods? We have never seen a site where all the minuses and shortcomings in the work were written. If you believe the descriptions - it turns out that the whole market consists exclusively of reliable and dynamically developing companies, carrying out transportation from almost all countries of the world.

 Should we trust only the experience of work and the enormous size of the organization? As a rule, the quality of the service does not depend on the time of presence on the market and the size of the company that carries out international express transportation. You can face indifference in a large organization, but you can get a lot of positive emotions from working with a small and not very well-known company.

Do all prices vary?MDK Express Much, but not all. At the price of the service, the international transportation of goods can be significantly different. In this case, the quality of service will also have differences - regardless of the rates. Everything is checked by deeds. Our clients know that all their requests are processed in the shortest possible time, and the level of service provided is much ahead of similar companies for the transportation of goods.

MDK EXPRESS is a business company. Let us not so long ago we are present on the market, but the directions in which we carry out the air transportation of goods are a guarantee of prompt delivery. We do not work with intermediaries. In all our schemes, the number of enterprises involved is minimized. In the process of cargo transportation only we, the airline, the partner in the country of departure participate and the most important participants of the process: the sender and the recipient. And thanks to such a compact scheme, we manage to bid below the market price.

Our advantages

1We will always remain a company that does not separate customers into important and not. If you need to arrange transportation - we will do it for you as soon as possible. Fast. Easily. Effectively. Our staff will advise you on all issues related to transportation.

2All our clients are partners for us. Therefore, for each of us we have an personal service.

3Freight transportation is not just our business. This is a job that brings us pleasure. People may not remember what you told them, but they will never forget that you made them feel. Attention, decency, openness and honesty are the basic principles of our work. See for yourself.

4To know the location of the shipment is very important. We promptly inform clients about the current location of the goods.

5We appreciate your time. The transportation of your goods, documents and personal effects is performed on a "door-to-door" basis. For many carriers this is considered as premium service, for us - basic. We carry out customs clearance ourselves.