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How to ship parcel from Turkey to Ukraine

Shipments from Turkey is the most powerful direction of MDK EXPRESS. Since September 2016, the monthly turnover from Istanbul does not drop below 5 tons, allowing us to withstand the shortest delivery terms - 2 days.
Leather goods, clothes, shoes, household goods a trading basis of the ukrainian southern neighbor. The geographical position of Ukraine is so advantageous, and the air communication between the countries is so intense that it allows us to use aviation as the main transport of express delivery. On the route Turkey-Ukraine MKD EXPRESS offers the lowest possible fare.


MDK EXPRESS arranges cargo transportation from two airports in Istanbul: Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen. Quick. Safe.

Cargo acceptance in Turkey

The cargo can be passed directly in Istanbul at the warehouse of our partner Harmani (LALELI district). The next day the consolidated consignment is sent to the airport and after 2 hours of flight your parcels already in Ukraine.

Delivery within Ukraine

Upon arrival from Turkey to Ukraine, the cargo is cleared on the same day and placed in the warehouse. You can pick up cargo from our warehouse iPesochin (Kharkiv region) on the same day.
Also we deliver your parcels to any city within Ukraine.

What you need to know about cargo transportation from Turkey

1Delivery time is up to 5 days. Service to the door (or warehouse) is basic.

2The price for transportation is fixed. Do not apply additional hidden charges for packaging, urgency or documentation.

3The rates includes customs clearance in Ukraine.